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August 24, 2012

Written by Ben Santucci

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The first thing a trucker should do is check the exterior of the truck. This includes a quick check of the windshield, brake lights and taillights to make sure that there are no cracks that will impair vision. Also make sure that reflectors are securely in place, mirrors are attached and adjusted properly, and fuel tank and cap are securely fastened. Tire pressure is another more major thing that should be checked before any lengthy road trip. Inadequate tire pressure can cause decreased gas mileage or blowouts which would mean a call to an emergency truck service. Making sure that simple fixtures and accessories of the truck are properly working can help avoid accidents and costly transport truck repair.

There are several things internally that must be checked on a transport truck that ensures safety and helps to avoid a costly truck repair. Some of the major things are the engine, radiator, transmission. If any of these things go out while on a road trip, you will definitely have a breakdown and none of these will be a cheap truck repair.

An overall check on your truck may seem like it is a huge time waster, it will actually save you more time in the future. If you really want to be a successful and safe commercial driver you’ll train at North American!

North American Transport Driving Academy is NOT about the number of students we can graduate in a year but more about the quality of Commercial Driver each student becomes. We keep our classes small, NORMALLY NO MORE THAN 4 IN EACH CLASS, that way each student receives the personal attention they need to be the very best!


You’re sharing the the roads with someone else’s son, daughter, mother or father. The best way to protect the motoring public is to provide an education that surpasses the established guidelines. In January of this year we implemented a tough new standard for North American Grads!


It’s no joke, our standards are high and we expect a lot from our students, but the instructors here at North American are dedicated to providing you with a solid foundation in safely operating a tractor trailer that could weigh in at over 45 thousand kilos! 


Educating people on how to operate commercial equipment is a serious responsibility. We have total confidence in the curriculum we offer to both students and seasoned professional drivers.


North American Transport Driving Academy has been placing drivers in both local and over the road positions for years and we have actual Grad payroll to prove it.

Just ask Ben to show you the numbers on your visit to North American!

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