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News #7

April 15, 2013

Written by Ben

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Wow, have you seen the prices of our Competitors for their AZ Course????


I get phone calls every day asking why the other Schools have jacked up the cost of their programs way beyound the financial means of most people.


I thought nearly 6 grand was high enough (North American's price for a 6 week course is $5850.00).


I mean that is already tough money to come up with so I can't imagine trying to come with 7 or 8 grand.  Unless you are being funded that is really a big chunck of change for the average person to come up with on their own.


And even if you are being funded, why should the tax payers have to shell out more than what we need to in the first place?


And lets be real, we offer a better course for less money.  Better because we offer the most truck time of any school and we have a brand new training centre that we built and we own!


At the end of the day that is what you are paying for, to learn how to operate a truck safely and responsibly and you cant do that sitting in a class room or playing on simulator.


In order to be both safe and competant you have to practice and in order to practice you have to burn diesel fuel.  As expensive as that may be, its the only way.



Dont Waste Your Money at another school thinking that spending more will get you more.


  In this case its just the opposite!

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