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As of July 1, 2017 All prospective class A applicants must take an approved MELT course prior to taking a class A road test.

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“We not only give you the tools for
success… we train you to use them!”
North American Transport Driving Academy takes great pride in the success of our grads!

Brad Baxter, past graduate, got his start at Westchester Staffing after successful graduation from North American and now works full time for Flanagan Food Service Delivery.

Phil is Westchester’s “B” Train Mentor Extraordinaire and graduate of North American almost 10 years ago. Phil is our go to guy for B Train Training!

Kurt Demorah graduated from North American, got his start at Westchester and was hired on full time at Sysco Foods before landing a great driving job at Loyalist Township!

Brian with his beautifully restored Duster. Brian graduated last year from North American, went on to get his experience through Westchester and was hired by Sysco  Peterborough as a dedicated B-Train driver. Yup you guessed it, Phil trained him!


Kevin Sullivan back when he was going through School. Our Food Service Delivery Mentor, Kevin has delivered for most of the major food service delivery companies and is currently our Nestle and Kraft Food Division Manager! Don’t have to be on a truck forever!

Bill Miller is a former Crossroads graduate that couldn't find a job after graduation. Bill came to North American for evaluation and was promptly put to work with Westchester Staffing Group. He has been with us ever since. Keep up the good work Bill!

Sandy Rankin moved up from the American Virgin Islands in 2012 looking for a new career. Sandy got his AZ license with us and thus began a transport driving career. Proof of another North American graduate out working! Way to go Sandy!

Tim Braga graduated back in 2012 and has since become one of our top producing Nestle drivers at Westchester. Pictured with Tim is his new flatscreen TV. Tim was awarded the television from Nestle for a new one day sales record for ice cream. Graduation and hard work has its benefits! Way to go Tim!


Rick Tomalty has opened his own trucking company with his brother hauling steel.

Kurtis Arthur is working right out of the gate for Westchester Staffing Group!

Jason Dunn graduated August 4 and now has his ACZ Licence. Drivetest examiner complimented Jason saying he was "About as good as it gets". Way to go Jason - the transportation industry needs drivers like you!

Joel Coffey now has his DZ licence! Joel is a volunteer firefighter. Way to go Joel!


A big shout out to Justin Wallace, a volunteer firefighter, for passing his DZ licence road test on August 11. Congratulations Justin!

Congratulations Scott for passing your ACZ! Examiner commented "Scott is one of the best I've ever seen!" Way to go Scott! and congratulations for starting work the very next day!

Zack passed is ACZ on Dec 10th 2015. Zack stated:

"I'm very satisfied with me experience with North American Transport. They were always accommodating and helpful. My instructor was friendly and patient. Had a Blast!"

Zack went to work with his Dad doing linehaul! Congratulations Zack!

Theresa Manion "I found the course at North American Transport Driving Academy very informative and well taught. The Atmosphere of the building and staff was very comfortable. Everyone was very encouraging, positive and helpful throughout the program. I would recommend North American Transportation Academy to anyone who was interested in getting their AZ licence or upgrading. Excellent program and instructors." After graduation, Theresa started working with Westchester the very next day.


Paul Berriman "I cannot fault my instructor Tom. A wonderful instructor and a gentleman Through and Through! The School works hard for the students and the fact you can jump across to Westchester and drive for a living is Golden, you are given every opportunity to succeed and work – a one stop shop. Thank You!"

Ken Latimer "Had Sandy for my in class, he was great and very insightful. Larry for Air Brakes (Awesome)! Had Tom for all my driving – very excellent instructor and all around great guy. 100% satisfied with both! Thanks Tom and Sandy!" Ken is now working at Westchester! 

Steve McKinley "Tom, Sandy and Larry – Awesome!"

Zachary Closs passed his MTO. "The Instructors and staff were very helpful in getting the students ready for driving a transport for a living." Zachary is now working at Westchester!


Steven Harper comments "I took the A-Z course. Instructors and staff were very helpful."

Mike Jeffrey "Outstanding instructors. Great job of balancing/preparing students for drive test as well actual driving experience. Instructors were knowledgable, experienced, patient, and great at teaching! Certainly appreciated having Sandy, Tom and Phil!"

Gavin Hamid "Great Instructors. Course was very informative. In calls with Larry was great & entertaining. In cab with Tom was fun and well taught." Gavin is now working at Westchester!

Robin O'Farrell "This course exceeded my expectations! Lots of opportunity to have all my questions answered, lots of practical experience preparing not just for the tests and road test, but getting ready to work. Very patient supportive and friendly instructors, would recommend North American to anyone."


Marty Pollok "All the instructors were amazing - value was exceptional - the learning curve was steep but absolutely loved it - thanks to Tom, Sandy, Phil and Larry. Special mention to Mark and Sully - Thanks Steve for the pre-trip info - couldn't have done it without ya!" Hired for longhaul right away out of school!

Jordan Regier "Very happy with the instructing. Glad I came to this school!"

Pascal Michaud "Instructors were patient and very helpful. I have learnt a lot in my 3 weeks with this DZ course." Pascal is our first graduate from our new Ottawa location!

Claude Robichaud "School experience was great! I enjoyed the practical instruction & instructors"


Tim Wadge "Couldn't have done it without Mark, Sandy, Phil and Larry and the team at North American - Thanks!"

Congratulations to Sebastien Auclair for passing his AZ licence. Sebastien attended our Ottawa school. Way to go Sebastien!

Jerry Slatkin attended our Ottawa school and commented "People are sympathetic, almost family close. A1!"

"Jay" Jean-Francois Martin "I took a heavy equipment program with the TTCC which also operates a driving school and got to talk to guys who went to Crossroads and I have to say, if you're going to go to a trucking academy, don't wast your time and money and Go to NATDA instead! Top notch school!"


Chris Smith "Very good course, instructors are vey good - Tom especially taught me everything I needed to know on truck. I would refer people to come to North American. Great bunch of people!"

Kurtis Rogers earned his DZ at the Smiths Falls location and started working for Westchester the very next day! "The school as well as the instructors go way beyond the standard, I truly feel ready for my new career in life!"

John Thomas took the course at our Smiths Falls location and earned his ACZ license June 3. "Instructors Phil, Larry, Sandy and Kevin were excellent. Taught us not only what it takes to pass our license, but related "REAL WORLD" knowledge and experience. Thanks to Jason, Shawna and staff."

Robert Franklin earned his DZ license on June 6 and started working for Westchester the very next day! Robert had 3 things to say about the course "Very Good Course, Very Informative and Excellent Teachers."


Roberto Pineda Roberto earned his ACZ license on June 13 and started working for Westchester the very next day! "Like the course. Tom was a good teach and had a lot of patience. Thanks for everything."

Chris Roy Chris earned his ACZ license on June 13 and started working for Westchester the very next day! "Fun course. All the instructors were great."

Phil Murray "The instructors gave me all the tools and confidence in becoming a professional driver and more!"

Dan Darbyson “The school and equipment is well maintained and I am very satisfied with the course. I will recommend the school to anyone interested in a truck driving career.”


Nathan Langsford ""My instructors did a great job helping me learn and brush up on all aspects of the drive test."

Micheal Caine graduated June 24th with his ACZ licence from our Kingston location. Mike immediately started working for us at Westchester. Welcome aboard Micheal!

Michael Teal graduated with his ACZ license from our Kingston location on April 29. Michael works for us at Westchester and we are very happy to have him on board. Mike had this to say about the program: "It was right on Tom - good job - Thanks. Everything was good and I am glad that everything worked out good for me today."

Todd Morgan graduated July 4th with his ACZ license and started working for Westchester right out of school. Way to go Todd!


Joemel Woods graduated July 4 with his ACZ license and is working for us at Westchester now. Way to go Joemel! We are glad to have a great driver like you on board!

Riley Kouri graduated July 12 with his ACZ. Riley had this to say: "Teachers are very pleasant and encouraging. I enjoyed my time at school and learned plenty of methods and skills."

Fredrick Schonauer took our ACZ Course at the Smiths Falls location. Fredrick commented that the course was a "Great experience!"


Lucas Fraser "Going to North American Transport Driving Academy was the best decision I have ever made, this opportunity has changed my life and I couldn't be more grateful. Every single person I have met during this course has been absolutely great. I can't wait to get out on the road."


Don Wallace from Smiths Falls commented "It is a good and friendly place with good people with experience."

Eric Periard persisted to earn his ACZ, commenting "after I was assigned to Shannon Weese he made it easier for me to pass... I like to say thanks to everyone who help start my career - best of luck to all"

Zachary Raymond at our Ottawa Branch commented that he was "Extremely satisfied with the course." Way to go Zach!

John Czebruck from our Ottawa branch earned his ACZ. John commented that "Looking for work was a real eye opener."


Jordan Boutin from our Ottawa Branch earned his DZ. Jordan commented that "The school was a good learning environment. All instructors were good. The had all my questionings answered and they were very reassuring." 

Mohamed Said trained at our Ottawa campus and graduated with his AZ licence! Mohamed commented that "I had a great time, thanks for the instruction!"

Michael McKeough trained at our Ottawa campus and graduated with his ACZ license. Michael commented "Had a great time. Lots to learn and it was made easy. Learned way more than just driving a truck."

Daniel Looby trained at our Ottawa campus and graduated with his ACZ license. Daniel commented "Great Course! Excellent Instructors, didn't even shift a car before now. Thank you North American!"


Lian McPhail Doherty trained at our Smiths Falls campus and graduated with an ACZ licence. Lian commented "Great school, they went above and beyond for me. Great instructors!"

Paul Pelletier trained at our Ottawa campus and is a current graduate of the ACZ license program.

Rick Lex trained at our Smiths Falls campus and graduated with his ACZ licence. Rick had this to say: "Excellent team of instructors. Driving these trucks is serious business and the guys here will get you there. A big 'Thank You' to Kevin who, with his patience and excellent teaching skills, I passed my road test! A special 'Thank You' to Bonnie for her words of encouragement!" 

Graham Toner trained at our Ottawa campus and is a current graduate of the DZ licence program. 


Ryan McCurdy graduated from our ACZ program in Ottawa. Ryan commented on his experience: "Best instructor anywhere... awesome experience - thank you André for making this possible!"

Mohammed El-Outa graduated from our ACZ program in Ottawa. Mohammed commented on his experience: "Great instructor and staff. Great learning facility and truck."

Anwar Nassar graduated from our ACZ program in Ottawa. Want to be just like Anwar? Call us or come in and see us and get on the road to success!

Matthew Doel from our Smiths Falls campus graduated with his AZ License and had this to say, "Awesome Training!"


Charles Briggins "Overall impressed with training overall, instructors were awesome. More than enough time behind the wheel to be successful on test day!"

Nick Fisher graduated with ACZ license from our Ottawa campus.

Mark Dugan graduated with an ACZ licence from our Ottawa campus.

Mike McGuire "This place has the best instructor. Very knowledgeable. Got my ACZ on a Wednesday and started work Thursday morning. Thank you Moe, Andre and Carol-Anne!"


Jackson Boisrond "Thanks for North American Transport Driving Academy in Ottawa. The Best School, good professors Marc, Andre, Carol-Anne and Mike. Thank you! Love you guys!"

Gordon Hyland "Great teachers, special thanks to Mike, Serge, Dave, Jason and Donna. These people go out of their way to ensure success for students. Already working at Collections Canada!"

Lucas Hansen Smiths Falls graduate of the ACZ course. Congratulations Lucas!

Kevin Peters had this to say this about his 5 star rated training: "Staff are awesome!"


George Hattar "Amazing team, they work hard for us to pass - feels like family!"

Mathew Bryant Our first “MELT” ACZ graduate from our Smiths Falls campus! "Great training, awesome instructors!"

Sky Smart-Levesque "Best learning experience I've ever had. Big shout out to the staff in hard work and dedication to seeing me work towards a better future."

Adnan Ghadieh earned his DZ license at our Ottawa campus.


Joel Lavoie "School was great, I learned everything I needed to be a safe and effective commercial driver."

Shonna Sargeant "The instructors went above and beyond to help me succeed." 

Richard Brown "Amazing Instructors – they go the extra mile. Such a great experience. Thank-you All!"

Tyler Prevost graduated with an ACZ at our Ottawa campus. "All instructors were very good and taught all aspects at a good pace."


Vincent Tarasco "Amazing course! Awesome instructor, and amazing staff! Couldn't be happier!"

Jeannette Thompson "All staff and instructors went way above to satisfy students. Overall 20/10! Thank you" 

Client Testimonials
“Thank you so much for doing the training for us! I definitely learned a lot, and was an eye opener for the drivers as well. We are already seeing an improvement with the drivers with respect to their paperwork and I am confident that they are doing their due diligence with regards to load securement.
And of course on top of that, we all had a great time!”
– Shaun Baker, Russel Metals Ottawa
“Thank you Gentlemen for providing the training to get this done. One down and one to go!”
– Paul Seigel, Kingston Regional Laundry
“ ...I appreciate your help and plan on booking yearly training with you so our drivers feel confident and are following the correct procedures when filling out their log books.”
– Lori Lanteigne, Russel Metals
“Thanks Ben ...it was a really good course and the guys got a lot out of it.”
– Ted Paluck, Crane Supply
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